There is no particular order to these accounts of bizarre anxiety, just as and when I’m thinking them.

Remember this guy?

anxiety about sinbad

Sinbad from Brookside

This is Sinbad from Brookside. I used to LOVE Brookside RIP.

But there was one particular storyline about Sinbad that sent me into an anxiety attack that lasted for days.

There was a gas blast. And this guy was trying to save a kid, when some rubble fell on him and trapped his legs.

Next episode – they say he’s going to lose them.


Oh my goodness.


I have never experienced fear like it.

I was suddenly terrified at the turn this soap had taken. No amount of comforting would help me, nor the fact that it was fictitious. I used to cry every time I thought about it. And the story line between him getting trapped and them actually getting him out seemed to last so so long to my tiny worried mind.

anxiety about sinbad's legs

I went to sleep crying about it, woke up and worried for him.

The anxiety started off purely for Sinbad – how would be still be a window cleaner with his legs gone?!?!?

Then it morphed into the unfairness of the world – he was trying to save a child!!!!

Then finally, it landed at my feet as – this could happen to me and I would not be able to cope. I mean, I’m freaking out about some imaginary tale!

So I started to obsess about life without legs and started to prepare myself for how I would cope. What sports I could get into, what hobbies I could still do.

I mean, I find it so laughable now, but it was terrifying at the time.


And then all of a sudden, when Sinbad was freed, so was I. It all evaporated. When he didn’t have to worry about it, neither did I.


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