So you probably know by now that I suffer from dermatillomania – compulsive skin picking. But what you don’t know is that I spent a period of my childhood with a bald patch. Yep. Add trichotillomania to the list!

Obviously I didn’t know it at the time, I was about 7 and it lasted for about a year according to my parents. I used to go to bed, and “twizzle” my hair. I used to find a bit, wrap it around my finger, and keep twisting it and twisting it until it became a massive knot – and then I would just tug it out. It appeared to be all over, but I ended up with a bald patch on one side where I was a bit more determined.

The scariest thing for my mum though, was that I used to leave these twizzles down the side of the bed, and when they fell, she would think they were spiders attacking her!

They think it was stress induced but  no massive life events were happening at that time, so in hindsight we think it’s just school and friendship things that were making me do it.

I’m very glad that this has not continued into adulthood! Although I do still play with my hair when I’m agitated!