Christmas is a time to relax. You’ve finished the wrapping, the travelling and the cooking. Everything is unwrapped, charging, and thank you notes are on the way.

Or maybe not.

Either way, you have time now. Time to enjoy and look after yourself.

I’ve collected a few bits and pieces from around the internet for you to have a casual browse through, when you need a few minutes of introverted charging time.

Have a peaceful, wonderful Christmas, and hope to see you all on the #janselfcarechallenge (here for more)


Brene Brown’s inspirational TED talk on vulnerability

Video: 20 mins, all about the courage to be imperfect and the benefits it brings.


9 Reasons Why Elsa’s Storyline in Frozen is the Perfect Metaphor for Mental Illness

Blog post, I love my Elsa jumpsuit, and it’s because I’ve always identified with Elsa on a very human level, find out why here.


Ladies, seriously consider getting off hormonal contraception, it is PROBABLY making you depressed! 

Newspaper article, The Guardian. You might have seen the post about the male contraceptive being discontinued due to the unfortunate side effects. Yeah well they’re the same for women. Seriously it’s been one of the best things ever for my mood!


Amazing spoken word poem about explaining depression

Newspaper article & video, The Metro. Seriously made me cry. So emotional.


My blogs

Shamless plug,


Find out if you could claim PIP benefits if your mental health is affecting your ability to work

Article, The Blurt Foundation


Instagrammers for mental health





hopetheblackdog (yeah I know)


Books for mental health

It’s All Absolutely Fine

Reasons to Stay Alive


The Nao of Brown

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***