It’s been a while! I’ve been so so busy since about November; Christmas, moving and adopting two beautiful doggies. Black dogs, obviously!

Joe (Ted) and Ness – photo by Rufffles Nottingham

I’ve always wanted a dog since I was very small. I used to have this tiny little rubber sausage dog that I would keep in my pocket that was called Toby. But the dream had to wait as we were renting, and we both had full time jobs.

But then! I had my breakdown, had 11 months off work with depression, and decided I wanted to work part time. Then we bought a house. And finally, we adopted these two beauties from East Midlands Retired Greyhound Trust.

Joe aka Joes A Star – picture from Ruffles Nottingham

Ness aka Whitey’s Finest – picture from Ruffles Nottingham

We wanted to adopt rather than get a puppy from a breeder because there are apparently something like 7 dogs for every human adult on the planet – so not enough homes anyway. But with rescue dogs you don’t really know what you’re getting, and as nervous first time owners we were a bit worried about taking on too much. With greyhound rescue, the breed is generally a gentle one, they’re already partly trained, and although they do live in monk-like conditions without a lot of love – they aren’t usually too traumatised beyond training.

So one day when my kid cancelled on me at work, I went to the RGT and did some walkies with the greys they had there. I desperately tried not to fall in love but they are beautiful, loving, and well-behaved dogs and I fell hard about three times while we were waiting for our house to complete and each time they were adopted off to their forever homes. Then the day came – we’d signed for our house and were just waiting at RGT for Judith to hook us up with some of the dogs they had in, when these two got brought in straight off the track. They didn’t know their names, didn’t know anything about them, but asked us if we wanted to take them a walk while they sorted things out at the office. We did and it was love.

They have settled in beautifully. They are anxious dogs (like me) so they are still a bit scared of being abandoned. And she has a strong chase instinct (as they are supposed to, and have been rewarded for in the past) so we had to muzzle them in the garden until the cats learnt not to visit these lands. He is a needy man. He loves to come and stand next to you for petting. If you don’t, he will lean on your leg or lap or arm until you do.

They love to follow you around, and there’s something to be said about the love that a dog has for their owner. Who else could possibly want to go into the bathroom after a 15 minute stint for a good old sniff, and not judge you afterwards?

My view from the loo (I sometimes let them come in for a treat)

It’s not a light undertaking at all – there is a lot of time, money and patience that has to go into dog ownership – especially for two dogs! But I thoroughly loved reading all the books and definitely recommend these two for all dog owners – The Goodness of Dogs & In Defense of Dogs.

My view while getting dressed

And I strongly urge you to go meet some greyhounds if you’re thinking of getting a dog. They’re big, but their hearts are also (physically and metaphorically) as big.

My view while packing

They are so loving, so gentle, clean, low shedders, don’t need too much exercise (2 x 20 mins a day), funny, sweet and, like me, lazy AF.