General Election 2017.

It’s killing me.

I’m a hard left, socialist, progressivist and strong backer for Corbyn. Maybe I shouldn’t or didn’t have to reveal that, but I just did.

Social injustice makes me so mad. Media bias makes me irate. But people who rock up on election day spouting nonsense make me fume. And when I say nonsense, I don’t mean “anything that I don’t agree with”, I mean people regurgitating lies from the media about social injustices. Like the whole 350million a week to the NHS. Or the reason we have to wait for doctors appointments is because of immigrants. (We’d have to wait a damn sight longer without them!). Or even worse, “I don’t know, I just think X seems Y”.

We live in an age where we have every insignificant piece of information available to us, at almost every moment of the day. Look at the manifestos and/or take that quiz which tells you with whom you are best aligned.

So in order to not be a hypocrite. I get myself informed. I follow both “neutral” (in theory) news sites, as well as ones that report more broadly on the left agenda because I can’t get enough Corbyn.

My passion for social justice (which basically means everyone is treated fairly, with dignity, without prejudice and exclusion), means that I align more with left wing issues. I have hot topics that infuriate me (nuclear power, stealing food from babes, bombing Muslims, supplying arms for other people to bomb Muslims, equality in access to education and a free NHS), and so I get mad about them.

I come across a lot of political news in my daily feed now. I am following more political news pages that I care to count, and every second thing I see is something about the General Election.

And every time I see another news site that I like the look of, I follow that too.

It’s too much, but I can’t stop. If I’m not reading about it, I’m posting about it, or debating with strangers in the comments sections (and I do mean debating, not attacking – I don’t subscribe to you voted = you are ideology. Like 90% of the time…).

It’s taking its toll on my mental health, and I feel like I’m trapped until the election is done. And then I’ll be in a post-election depression if the polls tell the truth.

Why am I rambling on about this?

This is not the first subject/item/hobby/thing I have been completely obsessed with. And I mean obsessed. Every waking minute and spare moment is about this. When I was planning my wedding I couldn’t bear to not be thinking about it. I was completely immersed. When I was waiting for the dogs, I spent literal days watching dog programmes over and over again. Sometimes making notes. It’s always the first thing I think about and the last thing I speak about. Everything I do is framed in the context of the latest obsessional phase.

So. Got to work on this! It would be totally ok if it didn’t exhaust me to be like this. And financially bankrupt me sometimes.

I’ve made a great start in recognising how it’s all making me feel, which is that I am constantly searching for more.

I have started to thin down the sites that I follow (because everyone shares everything everyone else is doing anyway!), and give myself permission to not read, post or debate everything I see. It doesn’t make me care less about these things! And less time on social media, of course.

More importantly, I am sitting out in my garden, watching the bees, and trying to process, relax, and breathe.

If you also suffer from hyperfixation* here are some great links:

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As always, if it gets too much – talk to your doctor, your therapist or loved ones. <3


*hyperfixation is language borrowed from medical use in ASC & OCD related illnesses. While I do not suffer with OCD, I do have disordered thinking that includes hyperfixation and therefore I have decided to use this term. Another term could be “Obsessive Phases” or even “rapidly changing interests”