a conversation

Sometimes support can come from the most unlikely of places. At work I was asked to take on some more kids, a couple of two-hour sessions on my current days off. I work Wednesday to Friday, as a tutor for children who’ve been permanently excluded, and that is more than enough. My perfectionism and need-to-please […]

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Hi guys! Do you remember me? I’ve been in hibernation mode, I do apologise. It all started when I started getting busy for Christmas, and Christmas fairs. Then I started some horrific medication. Then I moved house. Then I got dogs. Then plumbing problems. Then Buzzfeed found me. Then work got busy. So. As you […]

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three black dogs

It’s been a while! I’ve been so so busy since about November; Christmas, moving and adopting two beautiful doggies. Black dogs, obviously! I’ve always wanted a dog since I was very small. I used to have this tiny little rubber sausage dog that I would keep in my pocket that was called Toby. But the […]

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support Mind!

My amazing brother in law is running the London Marathon in aid of Mind and is also using his platform to promote my little business. 26.2 miles! Please, please consider donating a quid or two – and with giftaid we get an extra 25%. Help people in need! There is a target amount that we […]

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relax and enjoy christmas

Christmas is a time to relax. You’ve finished the wrapping, the travelling and the cooking. Everything is unwrapped, charging, and thank you notes are on the way. Or maybe not. Either way, you have time now. Time to enjoy and look after yourself. I’ve collected a few bits and pieces from around the internet for […]

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January Self Care Challenge!

I’m determined to start 2017¬†with a bang, and by bang, I mean gently and filled with kindness. So not really with a bang at all. More like… a hug? HERE IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU! Every day throughout January I will be posting prompts on instagram and encouraging you to join in! You can take […]

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a slip, fall, and comeback

Hi all, It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, and that’s because I’ve not been feeling so great. I TOOK TOO MUCH ON AGAIN. And it made me pretty unwell. I noticed that I no longer wanted to do a lot of my hobbies. I wasn’t making inspiring lessons. I was cancelling […]

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giving thanks

It’s that time of year again when the days are shorter, the temperature has dropped and the simultaneously exciting-but-stressful Christmas is approaching. It’s time to up the ante on my wellbeing. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have decided to give Gratefulness-based Therapy a go, in order to give a bit more strength to my […]

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decluttering as self care

I sit here writing this in the kitchen sink at my desk. My desk has not been accessible for a year. More, probably. As I mentioned before here, when I am not in the best of places, I become a hoarder. Maybe it’s an attempt at comfort from material possessions, maybe it’s lack of desire […]

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house stuff

Some of you saw that we went to see a house the other day. ¬†Well, we put an offer in and it was accepted! Whoo! But they’re not taking it off the market yet! Boo!   So predictably, this is causing a significant bit of anxiety! I’m definitely a bit mardy, my skin looks like […]

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