The story so far: I’ve talked to my doctor and she has helped me out with some advice, talking therapies and she has offered me two medications, one of which is citalopram (aka celexa or celexapro). So I took the citalopram prescription to Boots. And the whole time I felt like I was being judged. […]

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my first appointment

In brief, then, the story so far is that I worked out from google that I had dermatillomania (skin picking) and anxiety and was already booked in an appointment with the docs to talk about my skin but now I am about to talk about my anxiety. I had seen this doctor before, so I […]

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stuff my anxiety made me do – part 2

There is no particular order to these accounts of bizarre anxiety, just as and when I’m thinking them. Remember this guy? This is Sinbad from Brookside. I used to LOVE Brookside RIP. But there was one particular storyline about Sinbad that sent me into an anxiety attack that lasted for days. There was a gas […]

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So in addition to reflecting back on my most memorable memories, I wanted to also discuss some of the issues surrounding my own mental health; from a video about dermatillomania, to diagnosis, to present day. The doctors appointment in which I discussed my anxiety for the first time actually happened a bit by chance. I […]

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stuff my anxiety made me do – part 1

  When I first realised that I had GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), I hopped straight onto Google. Obviously. The symptoms were like reading my own list of GP visits so I was pretty convinced. Here’s the list from NHS Choices: restlessness a sense of dread feeling constantly “on edge” difficulty concentrating irritability withdrawal from social […]

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