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pregnancy update #1

(Originally posted on Instagram) CONT pleased about as my morning sickness was horrible. I only had 4 weeks but the nausea reminded me of when I was first getting used to SSRIs which was quite upsetting, this beautiful life journey being tarred with the same feelings. I was also so ill and upset that I […]

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when the bubble bursts

I consider myself a feminist. That shouldn’t be a shocking statement these days, but, as I’m learning, apparently it is. A feminist is: Someone who believes that people should be treated equally regardless of their self-assigned gender, or lack thereof. A feminist is not: A man hater. Ok, so now we’ve cleared that up. I’ll […]

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General Election 2017. It’s killing me. I’m a hard left, socialist, progressivist and strong backer for Corbyn. Maybe I shouldn’t or didn’t have to reveal that, but I just did. Social injustice makes me so mad. Media bias makes me irate. But people who rock up on election day spouting nonsense make me fume. And […]

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a conversation

Sometimes support can come from the most unlikely of places. At work I was asked to take on some more kids, a couple of two-hour sessions on my current days off. I work Wednesday to Friday, as a tutor for children who’ve been permanently excluded, and that is more than enough. My perfectionism and need-to-please […]

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Hi guys! Do you remember me? I’ve been in hibernation mode, I do apologise. It all started when I started getting busy for Christmas, and Christmas fairs. Then I started some horrific medication. Then I moved house. Then I got dogs. Then plumbing problems. Then Buzzfeed found me. Then work got busy. So. As you […]

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three black dogs

It’s been a while! I’ve been so so busy since about November; Christmas, moving and adopting two beautiful doggies. Black dogs, obviously! I’ve always wanted a dog since I was very small. I used to have this tiny little rubber sausage dog that I would keep in my pocket that was called Toby. But the […]

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a slip, fall, and comeback

Hi all, It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, and that’s because I’ve not been feeling so great. I TOOK TOO MUCH ON AGAIN. And it made me pretty unwell. I noticed that I no longer wanted to do a lot of my hobbies. I wasn’t making inspiring lessons. I was cancelling […]

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house stuff

Some of you saw that we went to see a house the other day.  Well, we put an offer in and it was accepted! Whoo! But they’re not taking it off the market yet! Boo!   So predictably, this is causing a significant bit of anxiety! I’m definitely a bit mardy, my skin looks like […]

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those tiny huge things

Whenever I’m not feeling great, I turn into a bit of a hoarder. I don’t like to move too far, so things start to migrate into a nest in every room. I don’t like to get rid of anything either because I don’t feel like I’m in the right state of mind to be making […]

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