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selfish craft

I don’t’ like to use the word selfish when it comes to doing things I love. It creates a negative cloud over the act of self-care. However, I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I read the latest blog post by Amy of Super + Super (read it here), and about how important it […]

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paris nights and new york mornings

Today I wanted to write about the lessons that I take from music. I love music. It’s basically the thing I go to when I’m feeling sad, or not feeling anything at all. I find that whatever tiny specific crazy mood I’m in, there is always a song that sums it up, or a lyric […]

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SHAME *rings bell* SHAME

So I was really proud of me when I preemptively booked a CBT appointment to fall in between the end of the wedding/honeymoon period and before the start of my new job. Briefly: I was a full-time maths teacher in a secondary school, and commuting at least an hour each way. I was the “yes” […]

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bridal photo real talk

I’m about to be really brutally honest about my post wedding feelings here and I’m going to need anyone who continues past this point to not reply with “no that’s so untrue!” and equally, if I’m honest, to not reply with “yeah you were right”. Happy to agree to these terms? Please read on. My […]

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to the people i need to re-meet

Do you remember me? We’ve met! Maybe briefly over a shared acquaintance or friends of friends. Maybe we were at a family get together when we had a brief chat? Whenever it was, know this… When we met, I wasn’t me. You saw me, you spoke to me, you saw my physical presence, but we […]

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i’m cured! oh wait…

Sometimes you need a brutal awakening to remind you just how fragile this whole mental health thing is. This week, I forgot to take my meds. It was only one pill, on one day – I’m not that bad, surely it won’t be so terrible?! Oh my. It began with a mild panic. It was […]

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labels i cannot shake

I’ve done a hell of a lot of soul searching in the months since hope the black dog opened. I’ve done CBT and borrowed countless of self-help books from the library. Ultimately, I’ve worked out that my anxiety stems from a deep-seated utter lack of self-esteem and self-worth. Just realising that was incredibly liberating. Because […]

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CBT – round one

The story so far: I’ve been diagnosed with Anxiety, and been given medication, to which I reacted badly and decided not to take anything at the moment, and to try out these talking therapies. If you’ve been following the story, you will know that when I approached my doc about my anxiety, I was given […]

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6 months at a glance

On the 6th of January 2016 I started to upload my cross stitch kits to Etsy. At the time I had an over-inflated sense of how quickly I would be found online, despite understanding nothing about online selling, SEO (search engine optimisation) or the Etsy algorithms. It took about a week to make my first […]

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pick me ups

I want to hear from you, what do you do for your pick me ups? I’m feeling blue. I’ve lost confidence in myself and my business. I’m watching TV that I love, drinking lovely fruit tea and cross-stitching. Nothing seems to be working. What do you do?

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