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Sometimes you just need a hug.

I read an article which said that a 20 second hug reduces the stress hormone cortisol in your body, and increases the body’s happy hormone oxytocin.

Now I make sure that I get as many 20 second hugs as possible. I think they really work! Please don’t do it on someone without a bit of warning though, it’s definitely longer than is generally socially acceptable.

So I wanted to try and encompass that feeling by creating the Hug Box!


In this Hug Box, are a selection of surprises, but will always contain the following:

-A “hug” embroidery
-Something edible
-Something to drink
-Something mindful
-Something kind to do
-Something fun!

Each of these things are handpicked in order to give a happy feeling, through at least one of your senses.

Hug Box

That there is a picture of the “hug” embroidery. It’s a small embroidered 5 inch little hoop – perfect for walls, doors or bedknobs!

You can purchase either the hug on its own for £10 UK posted (£15 international) or you can purchase a hug box for the additional surprises for £20 UK posted (£25 international).


This would be a wonderful present for any occasion: birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. It would also be a great present for someone who is having a hard time, or is feeling unwell. Maybe as a congratulatory present for completing a big life event or making a start on something big and interesting!

If you have any questions you can of course contact me for more information.


(The reason this is not available in my etsy shop is that you are not allowed to list mystery boxes. Of course, you can purchase just the embroidery through there. SHOP)

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