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pregnancy update #1

(Originally posted on Instagram) CONT pleased about as my morning sickness was horrible. I only had 4 weeks but the nausea reminded me of when I was first getting used to SSRIs which was quite upsetting, this beautiful life journey being tarred with the same feelings. I was also so ill and upset that I […]

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in which i am extremely disappointed in project semicolon

Project Semicolon started a fantastic global movement. You’ve all probably seen the semicolon tattoos and images around, and know that it’s SOMETHING to do with mental health. Here’s why: “The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but didn’t.” That’s really powerful stuff. So powerful in fact that I immediately donated to their […]

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how to be an LGBT* ally

I’ve wanted to write a blog on this for a while, and with glorious pictures of Pride filling my news feed, I’m inspired to do this now. What is an ally and why does it matter? An ally is a person who champions the rights, freedoms and equality of people who fall on the spectrum that […]

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when the bubble bursts

I consider myself a feminist. That shouldn’t be a shocking statement these days, but, as I’m learning, apparently it is. A feminist is: Someone who believes that people should be treated equally regardless of their self-assigned gender, or lack thereof. A feminist is not: A man hater. Ok, so now we’ve cleared that up. I’ll […]

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General Election 2017. It’s killing me. I’m a hard left, socialist, progressivist and strong backer for Corbyn. Maybe I shouldn’t or didn’t have to reveal that, but I just did. Social injustice makes me so mad. Media bias makes me irate. But people who rock up on election day spouting nonsense make me fume. And […]

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Hi guys! Do you remember me? I’ve been in hibernation mode, I do apologise. It all started when I started getting busy for Christmas, and Christmas fairs. Then I started some horrific medication. Then I moved house. Then I got dogs. Then plumbing problems. Then Buzzfeed found me. Then work got busy. So. As you […]

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three black dogs

It’s been a while! I’ve been so so busy since about November; Christmas, moving and adopting two beautiful doggies. Black dogs, obviously! I’ve always wanted a dog since I was very small. I used to have this tiny little rubber sausage dog that I would keep in my pocket that was called Toby. But the […]

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relax and enjoy christmas

Christmas is a time to relax. You’ve finished the wrapping, the travelling and the cooking. Everything is unwrapped, charging, and thank you notes are on the way. Or maybe not. Either way, you have time now. Time to enjoy and look after yourself. I’ve collected a few bits and pieces from around the internet for […]

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January Self Care Challenge!

I’m determined to start 2017 with a bang, and by bang, I mean gently and filled with kindness. So not really with a bang at all. More like… a hug? HERE IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU! Every day throughout January I will be posting prompts on instagram and encouraging you to join in! You can take […]

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