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a conversation

Sometimes support can come from the most unlikely of places. At work I was asked to take on some more kids, a couple of two-hour sessions on my current days off. I work Wednesday to Friday, as a tutor for children who’ve been permanently excluded, and that is more than enough. My perfectionism and need-to-please […]

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Hi guys! Do you remember me? I’ve been in hibernation mode, I do apologise. It all started when I started getting busy for Christmas, and Christmas fairs. Then I started some horrific medication. Then I moved house. Then I got dogs. Then plumbing problems. Then Buzzfeed found me. Then work got busy. So. As you […]

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January Self Care Challenge!

I’m determined to start 2017¬†with a bang, and by bang, I mean gently and filled with kindness. So not really with a bang at all. More like… a hug? HERE IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU! Every day throughout January I will be posting prompts on instagram and encouraging you to join in! You can take […]

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giving thanks

It’s that time of year again when the days are shorter, the temperature has dropped and the simultaneously exciting-but-stressful Christmas is approaching. It’s time to up the ante on my wellbeing. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have decided to give Gratefulness-based Therapy a go, in order to give a bit more strength to my […]

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decluttering as self care

I sit here writing this in the kitchen sink at my desk. My desk has not been accessible for a year. More, probably. As I mentioned before here, when I am not in the best of places, I become a hoarder. Maybe it’s an attempt at comfort from material possessions, maybe it’s lack of desire […]

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selfish craft

I don’t’ like to use the word selfish when it comes to doing things I love. It creates a negative cloud over the act of self-care. However, I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I read the latest blog post by Amy of Super + Super (read it here), and about how important it […]

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sleep matters

Sleep has such a massive effect on our moods and on our health. Now if, like me, your moods also affect your health, then it becomes a big player in how we feel, act, and live. I’ve always read the stats about how important sleep is. To the point where it becomes white noise, like […]

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